Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trouble Brewing

Ya know... life is like alcohol... it rocks but is trouble from the point at which it starts brewing. Take my life for example. I was trouble from birth. I was born on an abandoned military base in New Mexico, which my family's pack took over. It was a small nursery in a big house on a hill where the leaders lived.
My parents were wolves and I was a wolf at birth. Rio and Reiko Grut were happy to have a new pup on the way. Reiko, a dark green wolf, was in the nursing bed with Rio, a mighty white werewolf, by her side. The walls were painted to honour the Silver Paw, my family's pack, and the moon. At the door stood tall two black werewolves. One was marked by a beta mark on one shoulder of his jacket and his nametag which read "J.Grut", the other wore a Delta triangle on the same shoulder of his jacket and his nametag said "D.Menges". All the men were armed with standard M-16 Assault rifles. The mother wolf was panting and whining, the puppy was on the way. The Proud father crouched by the mother and held her paw.
The moon was full and with a loud howl, the pup was born, a small black fluff of fur. That was me. The proud father took the newborn from the mother without a second thought about his health.
"James! Come see my son!" he shouted to the Beta marked wolf, who immediatly followed the order.
"Good Job Rio... what's his name?" James asked.
Reiko growled at Rio. She wanted to say something. Rio looked at James with a slightly less excited face
"Reiko is to give him a name... But I have decided his family will always be important to him and I want it to be known... so his middle will be James, Brother"
James simply gave a respectful nod. Reiko walked over to the gathering and took the puppy from Rio in her maw.
"His name is Jason" she said from inbetween her teeth, before heading to the attached bathroom, slowly taking her bipedal form.
She had long black hair with the green tint that appeared in her fur and a beautiful form. The puppy never left her maw as she walked. Rio gave a sort of growl as she walked away then turned back to James.
"Brother, today is a great day for the Silver Paw. Our future Alpha was born and we will continue" He cheered.
"Congratulations again Rio" Replied James.
"Brother you should consider our pack's future Beta" Rio said as he walked to a near-by window.
"Yes... have you even looked for a mate?"
Reiko came out from the bathroom, now in her Jacket which had an Alpha mark on the shoulder, much like Rio's. James' eyes followed her and then he looked back to his brother.
"I have..." he answered.
"Good! Go and get her... you need to have a puppy" Rio cheered.
"I... I can't"
"He's Scared, Rio" The other wolf suddenally shouted.
"Shut it Demetri!" James growled, nearly jumping at the other wolf's throat.
James had a puppy... he knew it... no one else did but he knew it. Trouble brewed with my birth, my conception, my very form.
Life is like alcohol... more later.

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