Friday, October 24, 2008

The Silver Paw company

Beer isn't always free so I need to make some cash.... let's see what am I good at:
  1. killing
  2. lifting
  3. shooting
  4. moving
  5. bartending
  6. killing again
  7. home delivery
  8. ... I'll leave this one blank but i'm good at that too

ok I already am a contract killer. so why don't i expand my spectrum. i'll kill and delivery bodies for a price.... and if anything else needs to be moved or delivered...

I'll give friends and family discounts and my enamies have to pay more but if they can pay I'll do the job.

I'll bartend sometimes hate doing that job cause the uncivilized people in this city guess people will pay me though so...

I guess my job description is delivery contract killer and bartender.

Ok now for the story to go with this:

Drunk Again

So I wandered with Sam's loss on my mind... nothing I could do though, he wants to kill me. So now I'm just burning out the day. My truck is still parked at the Forgotten Bar... I should get it.

The bar slowly appeared over the horizon with my truck still parked in front. The new addition of a burnt front wall was interesting. Anya s out front sweeping the charred wood. Wonder where Billy is. no time to wonder she probably saw me that night. I dashed for my truck, the front window is broken I hope it turns on. It choked... no start, dammit. Anya saw me!

"Hey you!.... ROCK!," she shouted.

I sighed and got out of my truck "It's rightfully mine I can take it."

"That's not what I'm calling you for... I saw you kill Frank," she said.

There was internal panic... she did see me. I would be on the run again.

"Frank's brother is pissed... remember the guy with the head tattoo?" she asked.

Wait... she wasn't going to scream about me being a wolf?

"Well he's threatening to kill everyone that comes into the bar... if you get rid of him too I'll pay," she offered.

"You saw me kill Frank?" I asked "and you saw what I am?"

"I've seen a lot of strange things your nothing new... but don't show Billy he'll kill you for sport," she said.

"ok then... I'll do it... just lead me in the right direction," I nodded.

So I didn't have a dollar to my name but I did have bullets in my gun and that's how I became a contract killer.

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Joah Menjou said...

Of course, no one in the Omega Institute would ever hire you to do something like that...we're benign librarians, after all....